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"Jessica is a consummate professional..."

 She is always ready to go the extra mile. She is an expert on the entire process with years of experience spanning the entire continental United States and excels in social media marketing, recruitment, screening, and facilitation of focus groups, mock trials and market research, Jessica’s always ready to jump into a project head first, and even on an expedited timeline her work is strategically considered, thought through and of the highest quality.

Chloe Pourzan
Associate Brand Manager, Alcon

"Jessica did not fail to meet client expectations"

I worked with Jessica at a firm of Trial and Jury Consultants where her sole responsibility was that of recruiting people for the firm’s clients’ Focus Groups and Mock Trials. Jessica was responsible for recruiting people from a wide variety of educational, financial and social backgrounds in order to highlight potential jurors for a client’s case at trial. It is a requirement that these jurors are highly screened prior to being accepted and must match each client’s desired profile. It is paramount that the right participants are selected as they determine the outcome of the client’s case. Before Jessica was hired, I witnessed several other staff members attempt this responsibility, and all found it extremely difficult and almost impossible to come up with a satisfactory jury pool every time. Jessica however, proved herself to be tailor-made for the job. Right from the start, she set to the task at hand and excelled at finding quality participants for each Mock Trial and Focus Group the firm was tasked to put together. Most of the time, she was recruiting for many projects simultaneously. From the feedback received, it was clear that Jessica did not fail to met clients expectations. She is amazing at finding the right people, venues, liaising with clients and participants etc. She has always given 100% effort and commitment to every single project she handles and goes above and beyond. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jessica Jenkins for whatever jury project your firm is undertaking. I know of no one better at producing stellar results every time.(Monica Campbell, Admin Asst.)

"She is an expert in this field"

A few months ago, I was selected to serve on a mock jury by Jessica Jenkins. This was my first time doing this and I was unsure of what to expect. Jessica completely explained everything about the process and how the mock trial proceedings work. She is an expert in this field and she made sure that all of my questions were answered. She was very confident in the presentation where she gave all of the jury participants the overview of the mock trial and what was expected of us. She is a consummate professional and represented her agency very well. (Bertha Galan)

Participant Feedback:

I participated in a research project and Jessica was so nice to talk to during the prescreen interview. She's very professional and made sure to answer any and all of my questions. (Ashley Seymour - Participant) 50263

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