Meet The Team

Discover the exceptional individuals behind our company’s expertise in recruiting and focus group/mock trial solutions. Get to know the team who brings dedication, unique perspectives, and outstanding service to every project.

Jessica Jenkins


Meet Jessica, our accomplished CEO, an experienced entrepreneur and a respected authority in the marketing and recruiting fields. With over ten years of industry expertise, Jessica has successfully handled numerous cases, projects, and events, establishing a strong track record. Her astute leadership shapes our company’s trajectory, consistently raising industry standards and embracing innovative strategies. Jessica’s personalized approach and deep client understanding foster enduring partnerships built on trust and mutual success. With Jessica leading the way, we approach each endeavor with confidence, knowing we are guided by an exceptional leader dedicated to delivering remarkable results.

Wesley Jenkins

Project Manager

 Meet Wes, our dedicated Managing Partner responsible for participant relations and scheduling. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Wes ensures a seamless experience from the very beginning. As the first point of contact for your scheduled project, Wes will promptly reach out to you, providing attentive support and addressing any inquiries you may have. With his exceptional attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Wes is committed to making your experience with us smooth and successful.

Cinthia Montoya

Vice President

Meet Cinthia, our accomplished Vice President, an industry expert known for her exceptional customer-centric approach. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Cinthia excels in client relations and project management, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction. Her remarkable ability to connect with customers and clients fosters strong, long-lasting relationships, while her adept project management skills ensure seamless execution. Cinthia’s dedication to excellence shines through in every interaction, making her an invaluable asset in delivering outstanding results.

Josh Hogan

Managing Partner

Meet Josh, our accomplished Managing Partner, entrusted with client relations and project management. With a wealth of experience in the marketing field, Josh brings extensive industry knowledge to the table. His keen problem-solving skills enable him to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring smooth project execution and remarkable outcomes. Josh’s expertise in client relations allows him to forge strong connections, understanding each client’s unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. With Josh at the helm, expect exceptional project management and a results-driven approach that surpasses expectations.

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