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You have multiple choices of agencies to choose from and you’re looking for the most experienced, successful and efficient way to reach your goals. JJ&A will provide a customized, high-value approach at an affordable budget. Our consistent search for new respondents means you’ll have access to numerous qualified participants to learn from. You can feel secure relying on our very successful attendance rate: averaging 95 to 100 percent.


Why so successful? We focus on investing quality time to understand your needs and goals so we can provide the best experience and result for your project. The strong foundation of a relationship with clients and participants ensures solutions specific to your customized approach.


Give us the task, we will get you the people!

The things we do best


Our ultimate pre-screening process provides valuable information on behavior and responses. We specialize in representing the county your trial takes place in.


A detailed report of information on potential jurors.


Capture the candidate's interests of your target audience.


Identify the skills & qualifications demanded for your project.

Mock Trials/Jury Research/Shadow Jury Recruiting

We specialize in Jury Research recruiting. This service provides you with insight into how jurors will react to your [clients] case. We understand the art and science of qualitative recruiting for your case. We will hand-pick people like your jurors representing the demographics from the county where your case will be tried, so we may have the most accurate research possible. This will have an incredible impact on your trial results.

Consumer Recruiting

Provides insight on how consumers reactions to your packaging, brand, commercials, websites, taste-tests and more! 

Promotional/Event Recruiting

Provides energetic, proactive and friendly people to run your event or promotion.

On-Site Staff Option

We offer an on-site staff option to sign in participants, and assist you with any day-of needs. 

Juror Profile Report

We will provide a collection of detailed information on your potential jurors.

If you'd like to participate in our research projects, sign up here!

what people say about us

The best way to express the impact of our recruiting and marketing services come from our client’s results.

Jessica Jenkins has, time and again, gone above and beyond with her work ethic and professionalism. Her ability to deliver this has been proven multiple times, and we have greatly appreciated all her hard work and dedication to our needs. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for high level expertise, reliable service and the highest quality candidates.
Josh Hogan
Technical Operations Manger, Avante Garde Marketing Solutions
Jessica Jenkins is a focused professional. She has proven to be a women of confidence and is determined to succeed in all she sets out to do. Jessica is so talented in recruiting and staffing projects. She has a very strong work ethic, she’s a creative thinker. She utilizes the perfect combination of passion, experience, work ethic and a “can-do” attitude. Jessica works great with people of all walks of life. She gives her all with every single project she undertakes. She stays focused so that all her goals are completed in a timely manner. If you want high quality work….Jessica Jenkins is your person!
Irene Smith
Supply Chain Buyer
Jessica was a go-getter from day one of working with her at Self Opportunity. She quickly adjusted to our style and made connections with corporate recruiters to gauge the unique requirements for each company's needs. Jessica takes great pride in her work, and is relentless in matching great talent with her recruiting partners. She is a natural recruiter that provided a seamless candidate experience with thoughtful communication. I would recommend working with Jessica as your talent partner; she's skilled in her field and provides timely results and communication for a solid partnership.
Vanessa Barrios
Talent Acquisition Partner McNeill Hotel Company

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