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When accuracy and reliability matter, trust Jessica Jenkins & Associates to deliver. Providing custom recruiting and staffing solutions for your firm, 


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Jury Research

We specialize in Jury Research. This service provides you with insights into how jururs will react to your client's cases. We understand the art and science of qualitative recruting for your case.

Mock Trials

We will hand-pick participants from the county your case will be tried, and provide you with the more accurate insight and research possible. This willhave massive impact on your trial.

Detailed Jury Profile

A detailed report and information on any and all potential jurors. Understand how and why the participants come to their decisions.

Promotional Recruiting

Finding the most energetic, proactive and friendly people for your event or promotion.

Consumer Recruiting

Provides insights on how consumers react to your product, packaging, branding, commercials, taste-tests, and more.

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